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Every single day, LANGuardian boosts network performance and security

Plus, it literally takes minutes to complete tasks like these:

  • Find Ransomware caused by WannaCry
  • Find clients using SMB1
  • Troubleshoot network congestion
  • Generate a report by user name on every access to a specific file or folder
  • Find out who is accessing external proxies
  • Provide data to support data centre or cloud migration projects
  • Track what is on the network including servers, applications and mobile devices

“LANGuardian has been essential to the DCX-CHOL strategy of securing all aspects of its network resources. We use the LANGuardian tools to monitor for both internal and external threats to DCX-CHOLs cyber security.”

Matthew Silvas,
Lead Network Engineer

What customers love about LANGuardian


Professional Services

Monitor and Control Access: See at all times who accesses particular files, data and other network resources.

No impact on network performance: Monitors passively through SPAN ports.

Speed: Supports speeds greater than 1Gbps


Bandwidth Problem detection:  Drill down to see “who is doing what” in fine-grained detail.

Rock Solid: Stable and performs consistently

Ideal for remote sites:  Centralize, search and monitor traffic from every site.


No bespoke hardware: Software-only product that runs on industry-standard hardware, VMware or Hyper-V.

Independent audit trail:Monitors traffic to file shares and SQL databases to provide an audit trail of access to sensitive information.

Customizable report capability:  Easily develop reports and alerts to meet local compliance obligations.

Customer Success Stories

NCG integrates LANGuardian with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor to anticipate and prevent WAN congestion.

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King Faisal Hospital gains insight into patient internet access and protects key applications with NetFort LANGuardian.

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LANGuardian provides instant visibility into Windows file share activity and assists in locating missing files.

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