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NetFort has been acquired by Rapid7. Press release here

Online Demo Link

April 2019, NetFort was acquired by Rapid7.

We are currently working on an integration with the Rapid7 Insight platform and LANGuardian is not currently available.

What is LANGuardian?

NetFort LANGuardian is deep-packet inspection software that monitors network and user activity.

LANGuardian’s generation and storage of network metadata, results in a massive data reduction while still retaining rich detail over long periods critical for multiple network security and operational use cases.

Use LANGuardian to monitor and troubleshoot network operations and security from a single system

  • Find out what users are doing internally
  • Troubleshoot bandwidth issues
  • Find out who’s deleted a file or folder from a network share
  • Track access to confidential data
  • Create a dashboard to track WannaCry Ransomware attacks
  • Receive an immediate security alert on suspicious activity on the network
  • Perform forensics to diagnose recent network issues

Check out LANGuardian’s Online Demo

Your single point of reference for Network and User Activity Monitoring

Trend Report
Optimize network security and performance, plan for future growth
Search Bar
Quickly locate favorite reports and critical data; searching by IP address, user name, file name or website
User Activity
Always know what users are doing
Real time dashboards and historical reporting
Network Troubleshooting
Pinpoint the cause of poor network performance due to fluctuating bandwidth

Companies rely on LANGuardian for detailed network traffic analysis and visibility

Just a few LANGuardian features customers love


No proxy, logs, agents or clients: Monitors via the SPAN, port mirror or TAP.

Bandwidth monitoring anywhere: Determine who and what is using the most bandwidth across the network, not just at the edge.

Network Inventory: List and track the servers and applications on the network and their users.


No bespoke hardware: Software-only product that runs on industry-standard hardware or VMware.

Independent audit trail:Monitors traffic to file shares and SQL databases to provide an audit trail of access to sensitive information.

Customizable report capability:  Easily develop reports and alerts to meet local compliance obligations.

Financial services

Easy to use:Network Traffic Analysis does not have to be complex.

User behavior insight: Drill down to see “who is doing what” in fine-grained detail.

Ideal for remote sites: Centralize, search and monitor traffic from every site.

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