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Can I monitor Oracle VM VirtualBox activity?

20 February 2019 Forum By: Darragh Delaney

By following the steps outlined below, you can easily create a LANGuardian image on a VM VirtualBox which will allow you monitor the traffic passing in and out of the VirtualBox host.

  1. Simply download the LANGuardian ISO image from: /free-trial-software/
  2. Build a virtual machine from the ISO image. When defining the resources for the image, we would advise to use at least 700MB RAM and configure a hard disk size of at least 10GB. The default disk size of 4GB is not suitable for the LANGuardian and will cause errors.
  3. Configure the IP address using the installation CLI.
  4. Reboot the image, and when rebooted you can access LANGuardian using the web based GUI.
  5. Open a web browser and enter https://”The IP address you assigned to the LANGuardian.”

The final step is to create a local sensor on the LANGuardian to monitor the network
traffic. Follow these steps to create this:

  1. Administration -> Sensors -> Add New Sensor
  2. Add a local sensor – specify em0 in the sniffing interface field
  3. Click Save

A local sensor will now be created on the system, wait 10 minutes and traffic should be recorded in the reports.

The installation process is quite straightforward and you can easily achieve good visibility into
traffic going to and from the Cisco VM VirtualBox host.