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WAN Visibility Tool

The LANGuardian WAN visibility tool is a solution for network administrators who need to drill down further than the information provided by flow analyses in order to discover what is really happening on their networks. Being an agent-free solution, LANGuardian is also an effective tool to provide WAN visibility for large networks and WAN visibility for remote networks.

Total Visibility Provided by Deep Packet Inspection

In order to deliver the visibility network administrators need to discover what is really happening on their networks, the LANGuardian WAN visibility tool uses a process known as deep packet inspection. During this process, metadata is extracted from network packets and subjected to wire data analytics to reveal details such as the protocols and applications being used, and the data accesses being made.

The difference between flow analyses and deep packet inspection can be compared to letters going through the mail. A flow analysis tool counts the letters, whereas deep packet inspection opens the letters, sends an alert if there is anything in the letters that shouldn´t be there, and then files copies of the letters in a database to provide historical data for network forensics if required.

An example of how this works in a network environment is that a flow analysis tool would record the source, the size and destination IP address of a network packet. A WAN visibility tool using deep packet inspection would be able to identify details such as websites, applications, files, devices and hosts etc., in order to report network and user activity, and access to – and usage of – resources.

Network administrators receive an immediate security alert in the event the WAN visibility tool finds anomalies or suspicious activity on the network. From a “Central Management” portal, administrators first see the data in context, and can then drill down to inspect the data in the minutest details. By providing much richer data than flow analyses, LANGuardian provides all the visibility network administrators need to improve the performance, security, and management of their networks.

WAN Visibility for Large Networks

Due to its ability to monitor every element of network activity, LANGuardian is the perfect solution to provide WAN visibility for large networks. For example, flow analysis tools struggle with applications using multiple TCP or UDP ports and activity associated with content delivery networks. By comparison, our WAN visibility tool can see what applications that port hop or run over http are doing, and monitor http traffic to content delivery networks in order to reveal the real web domains being accessed.

It was mentioned above that the LANGuardian WAN visibility tool is agent-free. This is a further benefit to IT teams, who do not have to install agents, software or clients on every device that connects to the network. Instead the WAN visibility tool connects to the network via the core switch and a monitoring or mirror port. It monitors activity in real time without impacting network performance and stores extracted metadata in a database accessible from the “Central Management” portal.

The “agent-free factor” means administrators get total WAN visibility for large networks in organizations that have a BYOD policy or supply a public access WiFi network – a scenario that would be impossible if network administrators had to install and maintain agents on end users´ devices. Being able to analyze all network data in real time helps accelerate the speed at which administrators can troubleshoot network problems, identify security issues, and eliminate user abuse of the system.

WAN Visibility for Remote Networks

LANGuardian also supports WAN visibility for remote networks. The facility to monitor remote networks is facilitated by sensors deployed on physical or virtual platforms at the remote locations. The sensors capture packet metadata and send it to the centralized WAN visibility tool, where it is analyzed to give administrators WAN visibility for remote networks with the same degree of depth as if the packets had traveled through the local network.

Security alerts can be sent to administrators from remote networks when anomalies or suspicious activity on the network is identified, and all analyzed metadata is stored centrally on the “Central Management” portal to provide a single point of reference for all activity on the network. The centralization of historical data enables administrators to conduct network forensics and identify trends that cannot be identified using real time data alone.

Having total WAN visibility for remote networks helps organizations in regulated industries comply with data security and privacy standards. With the LANGuardian WAN analysis tool, administrators can schedule audit reports by username, user group, IP address, subnet, file name or web address, in order to compile risk assessments and implement measures to ensure the security of data and the integrity of personally identifiable information.

Try the LANGuardian WAN Visibility Tool for Free

LANGuardian from NetFort is the leading agent-free, deep packet inspection WAN visibility tool for multiple network security and operational use cases. Easy to deploy and configure, LANGuardian generates and stores network metadata in rich detail. Features such as a versatile alert engine, a robust reporting mechanism and an extensive search engine make LANGuardian an effective tool to provide WAN visibility for large networks and WAN visibility for remote networks.

If your organization does not have total network visibility, and you would like to improve the performance, security, and management of your network, we invite you to take advantage of a thirty day free trial of the LANGuardian WAN visibility tool. Our offer gives your network administrators and IT teams the opportunity to evaluate LANGuardian in your own environment with no commitment to continue using our service once the trial period is finished.

There are no contracts to sign in order to take advantage of this offer and no credit card details required. Simply download your free trial of LANGuardian today, or contact us with any questions you have about how our WAN visibility tool can discover what is really happening on your network.


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