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LANGuardian Customer Feedback

6 June 2017 NetFort News By: Darragh Delaney
NetFort Customer Feedback

LANGuardian Customer Feedback | WannaCrypt Ransomware Attacks

We are delighted to receive this wonderful feedback below from one of our LANGuardian customers during the recent WannaCrypt attacks.

Thank you Shawn for taking the time out to send us this email and for allowing us to use this feedback here.


Bernie Browne

Director of Marketing

Customer Feedback

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Shawn Bridglal
Date: 15 May 2017 at 16:37
Subject: RE: How NetFort LANGuardian can help you protect your network from Ransomware
To: Netfort support

Good Day fine folks at Netfort,

I just want to say how happy I am to be a LG subscriber and have a LG sensor deployed in my network this past weekend during the wannacrypt mayhem that was happening globally.

Using the information provided below and I was able to detect the SMBv1 nodes on my network and look for any possible infections. This was an extremely beneficial bit of information to possess to be able to effectively respond with critical proactive measures.

Knowing which nodes were most vulnerable, we were able to focus on those as a priority and develop a plan to address the lesser critical network segments.

It is my opinion that, knowing what to look for at the right time is very crucial to effective defense and remediation activities. Effective, resilient, proactive defenses are not only limited to functional firewalls, IPS, anti-virus, patch management and other and the other slew of mixed defense technology, but also a security strategy that incorporates vigilant and detailed insight into the network makes a huge difference. LG makes this difference a reality.

Being the first responder and having IT security responsibility and accountability, I would attribute the value and capability that LG offered as the turning point in our proactive defense strategy to the wannacrypt epidemic.