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Network Activity Reporting Software

LANGuardian transforms raw network traffic data into accurate and timely information that helps you to manage your network effectively, identify trends, optimize performance, and plan for future growth. The reporting engine creates online, printable, and email reports that ensure business and technical management have the information they need, when they need it. With historical and real-time data, over 80 built-in reports, and the ability to create customized reports, LANGuardian is the complete management reporting solution for your network.

LANGuardian report information is a vital input to management and decision-making throughout the organization, including:

  • Setting customer service and productivity metrics.
  • Planning for capital expenditure and technology investment.
  • Developing policies related to use of the network.
  • Scheduling IT operations to make optimal use of the available bandwidth.

The web browser is the primary interface to LANGuardian report data. The dashboard-based layout is customizable to present the information that is specifically of interest to each user. The reports are displayed as graphs and tables, many with drill-down to more detailed information. It is also possible to run reports at scheduled intervals and receive the results by email. In addition to over 80 built-in reports, users can create their own reports.

In addition browser-based reporting, LANGuardian can generate PDF reports for printing, and it can send email reports and alerts to users at specified times or when specified thresholds are breached. LANGuardian data can also be included in desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel by means of a CSV file by using the REST API to link directly to the reports on the LANGuardian system.

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If you have any questions about how LANGuardian can meet your requirements, please contact us. If you would like to see LANGuardian in action, please try our online demo system or download a free 30-day trial to try it on your own network with your own data.

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We offer perpetual and subscription LANGuardian licenses based on the number of users on your network and the number of sensors you want to deploy. Specialized features are provided as optional modules, so you do not pay for them if you do not need them.

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