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Supported 10Gb Network Interface Cards For Use With LANGuardian.

Many of our customers are upgrading their LANGuardian sensors to support 10Gb network interfaces, monitor more traffic and get more visibility. There is an additional charge for 10G support. 10Gb sensors must be deployed on a physical server. Virtual machines are not suitable for 10Gb traffic analysis.

Any 10Gb network interface that’s supported by RHEL 6 is very likely supported and anything supported by RHEL 5 should also be supported unless very old.

If you have a 10Gb network interface we can check the chipset and determine if it is suitable for our software. This can be done by forwarding the details to our support email address

The following list shows some example 10Gb fibre and copper cards that we have worked with (this is not an exhaustive list).


  • Broadcom NetXtreme II
  • Broadcom QLogic 57810
  • Dell Broadcom 57810S Dual-Port 10GbE SFP+ Converged Network Adapter Y40PH


  • Brocade 10Gb CNA for IBM System x


  • HP NC522SFP dual port 10G server adapter


  • Intel® 10 Gigabit XF SR Dual Port Server Adapter


  • Mellanox ConnectX-2 Dual Port 10 GbE Adapter for IBM System x
  • ConnectX®-3 EN Single/Dual-Port 10/40/56GbE Adapters w/ PCI Express 3.0
  • QLogic 10Gb CNA for IBM System x and IBM Power Systems