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NetFort LANGuardian is a network traffic and security monitoring solution. In this GDPR compliance case study, you will discover how NetFort helped a French company comply to articles 32 to 34 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Meet IFCT, a French clinical trials organisation

The IFCT is a leading clinical trials organisation based in Paris, France.

Founded in 1999, the IFCT unites over 500 medical doctors from across multiple medical disciplines who are focused on improving the survival rates and quality of life for lung cancer patients.

The IFCT is responsible for the promotion of clinical trials for lung cancer research across a network of over 600 researchers and 300 clinical trial centres in France (including public and private hospitals, cancer research centres, university research centres and clinical trial centres).

GDPR Compliance Case Study – The initial problem

In 2017 the IFCT undertook a major redesign and rebuild of their own IT network infrastructure to allow the organisation to deal with the increase in the number of collaborators from multiple locations and also to help the organisation deal with the increase in the volume and size of clinical trials that the IFCT is managing. 

The IT network rebuild was comprehensive and there has been a number root and branch changes to the overall IT infrastructure that took many months to implement.

Shortly after the network redesign and rebuild, the management team at the IFCT recognised that the new IT infrastructure would urgently require more visibility of what is happening internally with shared data, files, and databases.

They needed a new type of monitoring tool to ensure comprehensive visbility of internal user activity and all data movements.

The complexity of the new network infrastructure meant that the team managing the new IFCT network needed a tool that gave them a comprehensive overview of what is happening on their network with the minimum amount of time to be invested on a daily basis.

IFCT concluded that they needed robust internal monitoring service that would provide a detailed level of traceability of what users are doing on the network and to be able to create automated alerts in the event of any suspicious, unusual activity or attacks across the network.


The evaluation process

The IFCT tested a number of open source and network monitoring tool vendors on the market and after some careful examination they decided to chose NetFort LANGuardian to continuously monitor all of the network traffic at the IFCT.

According to the network management team at the IFCT, the testing of NetFort LANGuardian was a complete success when compared to the alternative vendors that were shortlisted.

The criteria that IFCT used in order to evaluate the different network monitoring service providers included:

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of configuration
  • Speed of installation
  • Training requirements
  • Customer support
  • Ease of administration
  • Ease of Reporting

The following information has been shared by the network management team at the IFCT.

Discover How NetFort Can Help with GDPR Compliance

NetFort LANGuardian can help you comply with GDPR around 4 pillars:
  • Alerting
  • Reporting & Audit Trail
  • Traceability
  • Accountability

The results

IFCT now have complete and continuous visibility of what is going on their network.

NetFort LANGuardian’s ease of installation and use meant that the integration time was minimal, and so was the technical support needed in order to get the service ‘out of the box’ and running on the network.

IFCT state that NetFort LANGuardian was the easiest install of a network activity monitoring tool that they had ever found on the market.

The very detailed reports can be shared with internal customers and partners to give them a detailed overview of what users are doing with shared data, including files and databases.

These reports have already allowed the team at IFCT to highlight a number of anomalies that they would never have had the time to or the resources to identify in the past.

The IT experts now have a much more intimate knowledge of what is happening internally, what users are doing and how critical resources are used than they had in the past.

This increase in the level of awareness of the network allows to immediately detect and correct any anomalies that are happening.

During the evaluation process, IFCT experts observed that the alternative network monitoring tools were much more cumbersome in terms of the amount of integration work required.

They also observed that installation and configuration of alternative products required a lot of technical support and assistance over the phone.

This was definitely not the case with NetFort LANGuardian.

It is just a matter of installing the application on a virtual machine instance on the network and comprehensive reports can be run in minutes.

A final word from Antoine:

“We have already recommended NetFort LANGuardian to a number of our customers and partners at the IFCT.

We truly believe that NetFort LANGuardian is an excellent tool that provides detailed analysis of network traffic analysis.”


The Regulatory Compliance Problem

LANGuardian helps produce comprehensive compliance reports that organizations can share with the relevant data protection authorities.

The clinical trials industry is regulated by a number of different pharmaceutical industry authorities and the reporting provided by NetFort goes over and above what is required from a network monitoring perspective.

NetFort LANGuardian has also allowed IFCT to make significant progress with regard to preparation for GDPR compliance.

The level of traceability provided by NetFort LANGuardian allows companies to quickly produce a level of network traceability that was never available in the past.

A last word from Antoine at IFCT:

Antoine Deroy

These newly designed GDPR compliance reports developed by NetFort that focus on security breaches provide a level of granularity that is the best IFCT could find in the market.

Discover How NetFort Can Help with GDPR Compliance

NetFort LANGuardian can help you comply with GDPR around 4 pillars:
  • Alerting
  • Reporting & Audit Trail
  • Traceability
  • Accountability

Get your GDPR Compliance right

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