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NetFort Tips & Tricks – How to add a NetFlow sensor to LANGuardian

20 February 2019 Forum By: Darragh Delaney

Many of our customers have been asking how to add a NetFlow sensor to LANGuardian, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Click on LANGuardian’s menu bar and select Sensors.
2. On the Sensors page, click Add New Sensor. LANGuardian will display a list of sensor types.
3. Select NetFlow from the drop-down menu and click Next.
4. Enter the Sensor Description, select the NetFlow Version, add the Listening UDP port*add the Accept flow data from address information and enable/disable Traffic Monitoring. Click Save.
5. Configure NetFlow on a Cisco router.

*Normally you would use 2055 for the first NetFlow sensor configured.

Image showing how to add a new sensor

To check if your flow sensor is working, click on the All Reports menu (top right of the LANGuardian GUI) and select the first report on the left. It will be called ‘Applications in Use‘ or ‘Top Protocols‘, depending on the version you are running.

Now, select the flow sensor from the Sensor drop down on the left and run the report for, for example, 24 hours and review the results.

However, please note that there is a charge per NetFlow sensor. If this feature is not available, it usually means that you do not have the required license item. If you are unsure of the features that have been licensed to you, please consult with

If you have any questions about adding a NetFlow sensor to LANGuardian, configuring NetFlow on a Cisco router, or any other aspect of network monitoring with LANGuardian, please contact us.

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