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How do I add a remote sensor to our central manager?

20 February 2019 Forum By: Darragh Delaney

All LANGuardian systems (Standalone, Central Managers and Sensors) are built using the same software, but they are configured and licensed in different ways.

To create a Central Manager and Sensor system you will need:

  • to know the IP address and Administrator Web GUI password of your Central Manager system.
  • a system to configure as a sensor. This system requires 2 network cards.

1. Create a new LANGuardian system:

Download the LANGuardian software (from here) and install as a regular (standalone) LANGuardian system. These videos describe how to achieve this on a physical and virtual system.

2. Verify that the new system is correctly receiving SPAN traffic:

Confirm this on the LANGuardian Sensors GUI page (under SPAN)

3. Verify that the new LANGuardian system can connect to the Central Manager:

Access the console (CLI) and select option 4 (Ping). Enter the Central Manger IP address

4. Convert the new system to probe (sensor) mode and bind it to a Central Manager:

4.1. Access the new LANGuardian console and select option 7 (Set Operating Mode)

4.2. Select ‘Change to probe’

4.3. Supply the password of the web GUI on the Central Manager system.

5. Add the new sensor on the Central Manager:

5.1. Access the Web GUI on your Central Manager system and go to Settings > Sensors

5.2. Add new sensor.

5.3. Choose ‘Remote/Local’ and your new sensor’s IP address should be visible. If not, review your license to make sure you are licensed to add additional sensors.