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Video – Tracking Mobiles Devices on Your Network

Sample mobile devices

Tracking Mobile Devices on Your Network

In this video we look at how you can monitor mobile devices on your network using LANGuardian. LANGuardian is deep-packet inspection software that monitors network, device, and user activity. It uses network traffic as a data source and is typically connected to a SPAN or mirror port at the core of a network.

The video also has a section on how you can choose the best point on your network to monitor traffic associated with mobile devices. A traffic analysis approach does not require the installation of client or agent software on your wireless or mobile devices.

As the video shows, every device (fixed and mobile) and user on a network leaves a traffic trail. This traffic trail contains very useful information and context but due to the large volumes on traffic on network these days and the inherent complexity of traffic, this trail is not easy to read and interpret. Our LANGuardian network traffic analysis engine tries to do the ‘heavy lifting’ extracting the application specific metadata and making it useful and usable for organizations of sizes, even SMEs with limited resources and time.

network traffic metadata

The screenshot above is a very good example of the useful detail buried deep in normal network traffic. This packet payload shows an iPhone making a HTTP request, our LANGuardian DPI engine looks inside the packets extracting and storing crucial information like the IP address, operating system and device type. Vendor agnostic, always ‘on’, network traffic is a very useful data source on any network. You just have to ‘tap into it’ to get immediate internal visibility of devices, users and activity.