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QUIC Protocol Detection Now Available in LANGuardian

QUIC Protocol

What is the QUIC Protocol?

QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections, pronounced quick) is a transport layer network protocol designed by Jim Roskind at Google. QUIC supports a set of multiplexed connections between two endpoints over User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and was designed to provide security protection equivalent to TLS/SSL, along with reduced connection and transport latency, and bandwidth estimation in each direction to avoid congestion. QUIC aims to be nearly equivalent to an independent TCP connection, but with much reduced latency.

The most common use of QUIC today is for streaming YouTube videos. If you use a Chrome browser then data associated with your YouTube activity uses the QUIC protocol. Some reports suggest that QUIC now accounts for more than 5% of Internet Traffic. Other browsers such as Opera version 16 and above also support the QUIC protocol but don’t have it enabled by default.

How to detect QUIC protocol use on your network

The most reliable way to detect QUIC protocol use on your network is to monitor network traffic at your network edge. Our LANGuardian product can use this data source to look at packet payloads and identify what protocols are in use. The video below shows how to set up a SPAN or mirror port to capture traffic at your network edge.

Once you have your LANGuardian in place you need to click on Reports \ Top Protocols. In my case the QUIC protocol account for 78% of bandwidth use.

Drilling down on this we can then see the Googlevideo domain and the usernames associated with this activity. Googlevideo is the domain Google use for streaming YouTube content.

Drilling down on QUIC traffic

Upgrade your LANGuardian to enable QUIC detection

QUIC detection was added to LANGuardian version 14.3.2. If you are a customer you must upgrade to this or higher version. Click on the gear symbol top right, then settings \ LANGuardian software upgrade. Your LANGuardian must have Internet access to check for and download the latest version.

If you are not a LANGuardian customer then you can download a 30 day trial and see within minutes how much bandwidth the QUIC protocol is using on your network.