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LANGuardian Customer Feedback – Concare IT

LANGuardian Customer Feedback – Concare IT

Straight talking customer feedback

More interesting feedback on our LANGuardian product from a new customer, Concare IT.

Concare IT A/S are focused on providing high quality IT services and CRM solutions, IT outsourcing services, vendor consulting and cloud solutions to international clients.

With over 160 employees located across 6 countries, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Italy and United Arab Emirates they provide solutions and consultancy for both mid sized businesses and large companies. They have recently purchased our LANGuardian and gave us the following feedback and permission to reuse it with no modifications.

LANGuardian Product Feedback

Q. How did you hear about NetFort Technologies /LANGuardian?

From the Internet.


Q. What issue/requirement has the LANGuardian addressed for you?

Network, bandwidth, file shares, users and protocols monitoring.


Q. What is you view of the LANGuardian evaluation process?

Functionality, it offers wide spectrum of deep packet inspection and protocols.


Q. Did you evaluate any other products as part of the evaluation process if so can you share this information with NetFort?.

Yes, I have already evaluated ManageEngine, PRTG, SolarWinds products.


Q. Has the LANGuardian replaced any other product?



Q. What is your reason for purchasing the LANGuardian?

Increase security level.


Q. How would you describe the LANGuardian?

Easy to install, deploy, manage and in my opinion has really good deep packet inspection engine.


Kamil, Systems Administrator

Concare IT

NetFort would like to thank Kamil and Concare for allowing to use this feedback and of course for purchasing the LANGuardian. We always welcome and really appreciate all user feedback, it is absolutely critical to help us develop our messaging and improve our product.

We are delighted to have Concare as a customer, a great validation for us as they have a lot of experience in networking and security across organizations of all sizes in many different countries.  The range of ‘pains’ or use cases the LANGuardian has addressed for Concare are very interesting ‘Network, bandwidth, file shares, users and protocols monitoring’ as is the reason for purchasing ‘Increase security level’.

A user recently described the LANGuardian as ‘The cornerstone of network visibility’ and mentioned that this deeper insight has also increased security. He is not alone, it is important especially these days to have continuous visibility and have it also internally, at the core of the network not just at the edge.

John Brosnan
NetFort CEO